Funny, funny, funny.

By TannZ
Written July 24, 2009
Go. You'll laugh. Don't bring the kiddies. Too raunchy for them.
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The Ugly Truth

By Angel_Patrol
Written July 27, 2009
It was advertised as a romantic comedy - it fell very short of the mark. I went away from the movie feeling violated as a woman. No where in the movie were women treated with respect for who they are - just what they can "give". It was portrayed as a possible "chick flick" but was obviously geared to the male audience with lewd and insensitive remarks regarding something that should be considered a gift -the sexual attraction between a man and a woman. It was also degrading to men - I know there are a lot of loving, sensitive men out there that should be angry with how they were represented too. I have lost respect for Katherine Heigl - a good actress that lowered herself to putting women back several decades! If I wouldn't have embarrassed those I attended the movie with, I would have walked out. It was a definite waste of my money!
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The Ugly Truth

By yellowuck
Written July 20, 2009
Great movie, Very funny. This movie is good for men and women but I would not suggest children see it. It is one of my favorites this summer.
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Katherine's "O" Scene BEATS OUT... Meg Ryan's in When Harry Met Sally... WELL DONE!

By Pashionate
Written July 14, 2009
This film has got to be NOTHING BUT AWESOME... from all of the previews... it made me have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!!! Every woman can relate today to what Katherine is going through in this great movie. I can't wait until when it comes out on July 24th!!! The movie's website is very cool... and those great restricted scenes... AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!! Ignore those nasty critics that may pan this one... can't wait to own it on DVD!!!! By the way, Katherine is also Excecutive Director on this film... Izzy is wearing the BIG HAT now!!! You go girl!!!
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freakin awesome!!

By melz1987
Written July 27, 2009
this movie was hhilarious! def a must see for girlz and dudes alike..absolutely loved it!!! WOULD DEF see it again!
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