i'm hopping on the criticize the critic movement

By robora
Written July 26, 2009
I just read some reviews criticizing your critic for being out of touch. I couldn't agree more unless of course he inadvertently wandered into the wrong theater and viewed a different movie but thought he was viewing The Ugly Truth. Had he been viewing the same movie I did he would have seen, as I did, an entire audience laughing wildly throughout the entire movie. At the end of the movie the audience burst into applause. An "F"? Give me a break.Had he given it a "C" (even though it is clearly an "A") I would have dismissed it as a difference in taste. But an "F" shows anger. It is clear that some unconscious dynamic is at play that clouds his objectivity. I buy my tickets through Fandango but I now question the relevancy of your critic & Fan Meter. The Fan Meter to my left shows an average of "So.So". I did the numbers and it is clearly a "Go" average. Please give me more accuracy and objectivity or I will find another ticket source. Serve me pure objectivity and hold your agenda.
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The Ugly Truth

By Lola1749
Written July 23, 2009
Gotta love it ... great date film ... leaves LOTS to chat about afterward.
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We Simply Love IT!!!!

By yrod_enna
Written July 27, 2009
All the people inside the cinema loved the film! Everybody were laughing to death. Absolutely worth our time and money. Being a woman, I never felt offended at all. It was simply a good funny movie...that's all!
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By lindajones500
Written July 27, 2009
My Friends and I expected to be delighted and entertained by Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler in this seemly romantic comedy. The movie trailers showed a beautiful, if not uptight producer Abby butting heads with her give it to them straight man or "The Ugly Truth", Mike. Cute right? WRONG! What was ugly was having to watch tasteless gags and hear the demeaning language that Mike used toward women and have Abby buy it to it to "catch" her dream man. We all agreed that the film would have been a good one if the the lanuage had not been so lewd in its nature. It earned it's R rating - R for ridiculously crude and in the worst offense to women. Ms. Heigl as an producer should consider her audience before she tries to produce another film. Maybe it is not to late to put Izzie back on life support. Some one should have pulled the plug on this film before it hit the theatres!
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By jessicanicole378
Written July 21, 2009
SO FUNNY and finally a movie where all the funny parts were not all in the commercials.
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