Breaking Dawn too good to pass up

By slslater
Written November 18, 2011
This was well worth staying up to see at midnight. I also liked the fact that I got to watch Eclipse again on the big screen first. As a true fan, I felt the film stays true to the book. I would caution parents not to let younger children see this one as some of the scenes are a little graphic and potentially nightmare producing- but PG 13 means that younger than 13 shouldn't really be seeing it anyway. I must admit I could have watched an "R" rated honeymoon but I was not disappointed with the end result of this version. Hopefully, the uncut scenes will be included with the DVD- I think that would appease many of the older teens and adults. Naturally the critics hated the film; but, the content of the book is very difficult to bring to the big screen and I feel they did an excellent job of telling the story so it could be understood by those who have not read the books. I am bummed that I have to wait a year to see part 2. That is entirely too long.
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Can't wait for the next one!

By jlove6801
Written November 19, 2011
This movie was definitly what I expected and better. There were some detours from the book, but the way they wove those parts in was genius. A must see at least two or three more times.
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Breaking Dawn Part 1

By donnanj
Written November 18, 2011
Awesome movie should be consider one of the best of the series. If this is what part 1 was like I can't wait for next Nov to see part 2. Solid acting all around special kuddos to Kristen Rob and Taylor. Thank You Bill and cast for a great movie experience.
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breaking dawn part 1

By chekikai_7
Written November 21, 2011
AH-MAZING!!!! a must see..the topless jacob and a vulnerable edward??it was a fun experience i'll never forget. I attended ur wedding..and loved every second of it!
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Twilight - 2-movie event

By gailsiz
Written December 06, 2011
It was really good. I brought my daughters and some of their was long but very good. I liked the 2-movie event because it was a good build-up to the main event. I am bringing them next year too.
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