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By Mickey-Michael2013
Written November 19, 2012
Seeing the saga from beginning to end was amazing. So many laughs because of the audiences reactions was great. The final movie was just the icing on the cake. There were so many twists that it had me on the edge of my seat. Definitely the best movie out of the saga. I highly recommend seeing it.
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Breaking Dawn part 2

By hybrid_michael
Written November 16, 2012
The best movie of the Twilight saga by far. It had a great mixture of humor, action and a lot of suspense. It is a must to see and a must for me to own.
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Twilight Saga Marathon

By Magicdisny
Written November 16, 2012
Breaking Dawn Part 2 is absolutely fantastic. The Twilight marathon is a must-see & do for true fans and you won't be disappointed with any part/feature of the film. It's so much fun to see all the movies back-to-back on the big screen!!
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Breaking Dawn II

By TJ JAcson
Written November 16, 2012
If you have been following the movies or books this is a MUST SEE. DO NOT LEAVE THE THEATER during this film. After you see it once you will want to see it again.
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Best Saga ending ever!

By rockettskl
Written November 16, 2012
I watched the 12 hour marathon at the movies and saw all of them back to back. We were all so happy when the last one started! It was so different. It was funny, like a real comedy, refreshing actually. The whole theatre was effected. The big twist that no one sees coming had a lot of us yelling at the screen! When it was all over, all was well. They ended it with style and forever is a true statement for this movie. So much like the book compared to the others. I will see it again and again, unfortunately, I know the twist, but the action will have me entranced as it will you! EPIC!
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