It couldn't be any more perfect It couldn't be any more perfect <3

Written May 04, 2016
I decided to go to the marathon since my 1st Twilight Movie Theater experience was Eclipse. I had seen all the movies, I even have them on DVD but the marathon was UHMAZING!!! I purposely didn't read the books (even tho I have them) because I wanted to see how the movie's ended. Come to find out, Stephanie Meyers changed the ending of the movie and kept it top secret with the producers. Props to her!!! Still not sure how the book ends, but I WILL be reading it and the ending couldn't have been more perfect!!! Chills...I can't even think about it. IF YOU ARE A TWILIGHT FAN, GO SEE BREAKING DAWN PART 2!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!
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The Twilight Sage Marathon

By laydtaz1972
Written November 29, 2014
Watching the whole thing from start to finish was absolutely awesome. It was extremely long, I seen things that I missed (even after watching the first three movies multiple times). The finale was excellent. There are no words to describe how great this movie was. But if you're going to endure the whole thing at one time (like in the movie theater); be prepared to be uncomfortable for 12 long hours. Sharing the theater with those who would rather text, Facebook, and Tweet than pay attention to a movie; despite the fact that it is disturbing everyone else around them.
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Worth it!

By islandgyrl808
Written August 03, 2015
Marathon was long & there were only 30 min breaks between movies so you had to eat movie theater food or miss some of a movie; but it was well worth it! The Final movie was not like the book, there was a big twist and I was shocked and in suspense the whole time!
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New Breaking Dawn was AMAZING!

By mommymarly99
Written November 25, 2015
Watched the entire marathon and really just appreciated the fantasy of it all, despite some of the B+ acting moments and weirdness of how what seemed relatively fine in a book actually translated to big screen... this was a pretty fun series to watch a la marathon! Breaking Dawn Part 2 was my favorite part of the entire book series, I felt that once Bella became a vampire the whole thing is just SO MUCH more intereresting! I think they could do a lot w/the stories from this point forward. Also Kristen really can act... in this final film she is not the whiney, pouty, irritating pitiful Bella any longer... I LOVED IT! They made some things really different w/this final film and I think that some of the more severe changes turned out to exceed my experience with the book, worked really well for the big screen... no spoilers here... enjoy!
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Twilight Marathon

By 1969butterfly
Written November 28, 2015
This was my first experience at the Gahanna Stoneridge Movies. It was great my sister-in-law and two of my grandchildren were in the front for Twilight Marathon. I am a Carlisle Cullen fan. New movie Breaking Dawn II was more exciting that I thought it would be. Left the door open for another movie. Fantastic we all had a great time. We will definitely be coming back to Gahanna Stoneridge again. Thanks so much Stoneridge for the Marathon. At 61 I am a true Twilight fan.
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