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Totally Twilight!

By tmvoss
Written November 06, 2014
The Marathon was so much fun! I got on the Twihard wagon after my daughter saw Twilight 7 times and persuaded me to read the books. I never saw the first movie in theater, but she and I went to all the remaining midnight releases. A great mother-daughter experience! So watching the first four movies in the theater really got us in the excitement for the new movie. And we were not disappointed. I knew there would be a twist in the ending--my daughter did not. We were both taken by surprise and gasped along with the rest of the audience--followed by thunderous cheering! Great wrap-up to the series. Can't wait to see BD#2 again!
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Twilight Marathon

By pipsqueak192002
Written March 03, 2015
I already knew that Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 were amazing! But Breaking Dawn Part 2 rocked! I loved what they did, it was very intense and the effects were amazing. Great movie in my opinion.
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Breaking Dawn: Part 2

By movieluver100
Written November 06, 2014
Went to the movie on the night it came out. As usual, loved it. Even more so than I thought. Absolutely loved the twist at the end. Made the movie even better. You should have heard the gasps in the audience, and the sighs at the conclusion. Good writing you guys. You took a book with an ending everyone knows and made it exciting and surprising, while still staying true to the book. Loved the way it showed all the credits at the end. Pictures of every actor/actress from the first to the last movie. Was Bittersweet. Music was also great. Hate to see the story end, but have really enjoyed this series. Thanks to everyone involved in the creation of these books/movies...You made it a memorable time for many of us and our famiies.
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Prepare yourself-Best one yet

By wilddreemer
Written December 22, 2014
I laughed, I cried, I panicked, I had every emotion. But be prepared, there is a moment or two that will have you at a total loss for words. It was a beautifully done movie. The best of all five so far!
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the twilight saga marathon

By pouttrouble1
Written January 31, 2015
this was an awesome experiance it made seeing the movies again unforgettable. I really liked the ending of the last movie breaking dawn 2 because it made you want to scream that can't be happening.
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