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A crowd pleaser with a twist!

By goestogym
Written August 27, 2014
Not what I was expecting but all in all a beautiful film---A good time was had by all. On opening night the crowd oowed and ahhed -- It was fun
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By ChicVicious16
Written August 20, 2014
There were parts of the movie that has you on the tip of your toes, especially the fight scene! That was by far the best (and scariest) fight scene. It was an awesome movie, but I'm sad the saga is over. Great job Stephanie and cast!
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This Was EPIC!

By tcoleman627424
Written November 16, 2012
Movie is worth seeing more than once. Action packed and you really see another side of the vampires and werewolves.Go see, go see, go see!
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Breakng Dawn 2

By nicole_fimbres
Written November 16, 2012
This movie is the absolute best! For the past five years I have always been wanting to get wowed by these movies and I haven't. Don't get me wrong the other movies are okay, but there was nothing exiting about them. But this last movie is by far the BEST and a MUST see! It has humor, the whole audience was laughing, and the ending was the best, it really caught you by surprise! Everyone that was dissapointed by the other movies should go watch this one!
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Breaking Dawn 1&2

By kristicatlin
Written July 31, 2014
Loved it. Good writing, with surprises in the plot even if you've read the book. Spot-on casting, enjoyed the acting - got more animation from Edward. Beautiful scenery, great animation. Moved seamlessly between plot lines. Liked the music better in the 1st two movies. (esp, Twilight) Bella's makeup was stunning, but I was surprised how bad some other makeup jobs were (esp Jane in Part 2). I loved seeing both parts of Breaking Dawn at the same time. However... too much time between movies. I understand concessions and potty breaks, but come on!! We had to sit in silence for 30 mins, then watch the long list of commercials two times before the previews began. To make it more painful, they left the lights on while the commercials and previews ran, which was hard on the eyes.. If I hadn't wanted to see it so badly, I would have walked. So loved the movies, hated the delays.
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