NEW MOON. Fangless. Grade: C. (Based on advance VIP press preview - Thurs. 11/19)

Written November 20, 2009
Sequels sometimes have a hard time living up to their predecessor's fame(or infamy). NEW MOON eclipsed TWILIGHT in the CGI department, length, and in presentation. Starring Robert Pattinson, his overly-styled coiffeur, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, NEW MOON is supposedly a faithful movie-adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's 2nd. novel of the TWILIGHT quartet. But, at 130 mins in length, NM's under-developed shallow plot unfolds so ponderously SLOW that watching grass grow would seem more exciting. Taylor Lautner, Michael Sheen, and Dakota Fanning's performances trumped both RP's and KS's performances. Direction/Editing/Production values = above average. Action sequences = average. CGI = good, but the human-to-werewolf transformation was too rushed for a movie that is generally slow. Soundtrack and dialogue = cheesy. VERDICT: A Must See - for fans of the series. With the TWILIGHT saga's built-in fan-base, NM is expected to make a killing at the box-office.
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By Daydream
Written September 10, 2014
Can it really be...that all the fairytales are true? New Moon stays true to the best-selling novel by Stephanie Meyer. The script focuses more on the emotions behind the loss of your true love, with references from Romeo & Juliet at multiple points in the movie. After reading the series, there is no way a fan will pass up any movie in the Twilight Saga. Even at the smaller theatres, twilighters are lining up ten hours before showtime. Opening night will always be something to experience. Director Chris Weitz and Kristen Stewart capture Bella's heartache beautifully, which alone can erupt a sense of lonliness in the hearts of the audience. Taylor Lautner's dedication to his role as Jacob Black is just what Twilight (and the fans) deserve. With 30 lbs of muscle, his chiseled body is a sight for sore eyes that had the audience in awe and crying for more. Only downside: a little drawn out and felt like the fight scenes were rushed. The soundtrack was my favorite part of the movie (B-)
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I loved it

By vicky82611
Written November 21, 2009
Im in love with this movie and jacob! it was 2038749283798234x's better then twilight i recomend it to EVERYONE. it was heartbreakng,funny, exciting and more all in one movie. and taylor lautner is practicall naked in everyscene!!!!! ahhhhhh. and the movie was excatly like the book but even more loved it and im going to see it again :D TEAM JACOB
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If you enjoyed Twilight at all...

By mbaker2007
Written November 22, 2009
... you should see this movie. The Twilight saga has received a lot of criticism--too boring, I read once, and too formulaic--but if you were willing to endure the first movie's inexplicable quirks ("spider monkey?" Really?) then you will enjoy New Moon. It has its fair share of laughable moments, but the action sequences are done by someone who actually understands how to shoot action. I for one loved Twilight, but mostly because it allowed me to visualize the book. New Moon is a piece of art all its own, though I wouldn't suggest viewing it without any knowledge of the plot since this film is still made for fans of the book. On the whole, however, Weitz managed to take the most depressing of the four books and make it watchable-- a remarkable feat to anyone who understands how blatantly and annoyingly emo Bella becomes within pages of the book's beginning. In short, a well made film that will satisfy your craving for Twilight until next year (Eclipse!).
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Five Word Review

By robpatz
Written November 25, 2009
awesome romantic great fantastic funny
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