Good, but could have been more

By nanners77
Written August 20, 2011
I was really looking forward to the fight scene in this movie and was disappointed that it was so short compaired to how indepth it was in the book.
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By Cass22
Written July 03, 2010
I love all the Twilight series movies, but this one was the BEST!! It was so good I have seen it 2 times already!! I saw it in IMAX first than in a regular theater. You should see it in IMAX, it was awsome! It had romance and action too! It was pretty close to the book too. I was so happy with the way they made this movie!! I will be seeing it agian really soon!!
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By GandPGfan
Written July 12, 2010
I thought the movie was great!! The actor playing Edward showed more depth in his emotions. The book was followed very closely. The action was very good.
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Five Word Review

Written June 26, 2010
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By darcycarrig
Written July 04, 2010
mushy gushy and totally didn't go as the books went. will be interesting as to see what they do with the last movie. they need to stop going towards their teen emo love story fans and go more with how the books are. they left out too much stuff.
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