Sorely Disappointed

By JuliannesMom
Written July 01, 2010
Most of my old high school buddies went to the premiere of this, and came back screaming on Facebook like 14 year olds about how awesome this movie was. I went to see it last night with high expectations. I love the books. I loved the first movie, was slightly aggravated with the second movie, and then just extremely disappointed with the third. 'Eclipse' (book) really delves into the backgrounds of the Cullen's. This movie just skimmed the surface. The battle scene literally lasted five minutes. The rest of the movie? Jacob: I love you Bella, and I know you love me Bella: I don't love you, Jacob ...... Edward: You love Jacob Bella: Not as much as I love you. Bella makes out with both of them throughout the whole movie. Jacob prowls the streets with no shirt (once again), and Charlie didn't have a big enough role (and he's one of my favorite book-dads!) If I wanted to see two hours of making out, I'd watch old episodes of Dawsons Creek
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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- The IMAX Experience review

By grashppr
Written October 02, 2011
Didn't actually catch the Imax, but wanted to review the movie. I really liked this one.
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Better then the rest

By Jibyshadowfax
Written June 30, 2010
Going into this movie with the mindset that it will not be just like the book. I enjoyed it much more than New Moon. I have also accepted that Kristen Stewart's Bella is very different from the Book Bella and that also made me like her more. I am Team Edward all the way, but I did feel bad for the dog...Overall it was a great way to get my mind off the troubles of the world and enjoy a fantasy world that appeals to the 14 year old fangirl in me.It also helps that Rpatz in Imax is well...very easy on the eyes! If you dont overanalyze and critique and compare this movie to death and just have fun, its worth the price of admission and I cant wait for Breaking Dawn!
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By laursey23
Written July 02, 2010
This moive is nothing like the book. So many things were cut out of the movie. The actors seem bored with their roles and like they're not even trying to act. Bryce Dallas Howard was horrible as Victoria. The movie is also extremely violent and lacks the romance of the other two films.
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Twilight: Eclipse

By T_Jackson
Written July 08, 2011
This film is hot garbage. The wolf is a simp. Charge that broad to the game and keep it movin'.
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