Perfect movie

By karlita1943
Written July 06, 2015
This is an awesome movie that will last forever in the heart of does who are twilight fans . Or anyone who is madly in love. Is perfect to see with your couple or if you are alone to watch with some friends is unique!!! Loved it and will love it for a thousand years. Go see it !!!!!!!
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By MaMa J
Written July 28, 2015
I have been waiting since last year for this movie. And let me tell you...It was worth the wait!!! The beginning was a little choppy but the middle thru the end was oh so good. The" TWIST", oh my god, my heart was in my throat. I was so stunned, I think I held my breath for that whole part saying to myself " What the....". Im soo sad to see it end. Whatever will I look forword to for next November? Truly the best yet.
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Very well done ending to a saga

By brownbear324
Written August 02, 2015
I didn't read the Twilight books (though my wife has) but have seen all of the movies. I'm a movie buff in general but especially like vampire-based flicks. Even though Stephanie Meyer's vampires are VERY tame compared to the usual bloodsuckers, the movies were well made and flowed well even for those of us who didn't read the books. Breaking Dawn Part 2 ended the saga very well, and according to my wife added some scenes & characters not in the book that made for a well made movie. I especially liked the ending and the outstanding "roll call" of the entire cast across all 5 movies.
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Breaking Dawn 2

By brendat_1
Written August 04, 2015
It was such a super awesome ending to a wonderful series.. I have been to every show every year and watch all of the movies in one day which was such an awesome experience..
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Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

By irishrun
Written April 02, 2015
Annual Twilight day: 11 of us this year. I've read all books too many times to count. LOVED watching Bella as a new vamp! The ending was unexpected and better than we could have ever expected. MUST SEE!!! 11 thumbs up.
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