By ekbower2
Written September 02, 2015
This was the BEST in the whole series of twilight movies. It's definitely worth seeing, once, twice, or more! I LOVED it! I'm getting the DVD!
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Best one of all!

By travmom
Written September 03, 2015
Positively the best twilight movie of them all. The fight scene took everyones breath away. People were screamig and crying and then cheering. I have never had a mvie take me on such an emotional roller coaster.It was incredibile. Can't wait to own it!
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Great ending!

By karlchrisb
Written October 05, 2015
Full of very funny one-liners and a twist ending that will leave you satisfied even though there won't be any more Twilight movies! A must see!
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Breaking Dawn 2

By sunflowerbusch
Written November 28, 2015
Awesome Movie...Took both of my children to see this movie and they both loved it. The ending had my daughter teary eyed and my son stunned. The Friday 11/16/12 showing was packed but the crowd was orderly and well behaved. The Saturday 11/24/12 matinee showing was a breeze. We got to the theater, hit the snack bar and was in our seats within 15 minutes.
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I Love Love LOVED Breaking Dawn Part 2

By nevergiveup313
Written November 29, 2015
I am a total Twihard and The Twilight Saga is amazing. Breaking Dawn Part 2 did not disappoint. It was the perfect ending for the saga. I am just so sad that it's over. I like that they changed some things (especially one thing in particular) to make the movie a little different from the Breaking Dawn book. They didn't take any important parts out and that is always important to me. If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Go Now!
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