Breaking dawn

By jtubbs81
Written June 30, 2015
It was not the best one that they have made. It was just not up to the standards as the others in the series. It did not go along with the book as much as I liked, but it was still okay with getting the plot of the story right.
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Great Ending

By PSimissU07
Written December 17, 2014
I definitely need to read the books again, but I still loved the movie. I think this director did a great job of capturing all the characters personalities! I need to see it again.
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Great ending to an EPIC series

By tbuissereth
Written July 07, 2015
The last one stuck closer to the book than all the other movies. Its worth seeing multiple times in theater, and buying when it comes out!!
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It was terrific!!!!!

By latinanurse69
Written November 16, 2012
The movie surpassed what we expected. The theaters were in a frenzy!!!! The devoted fans had been waiting for this. It was well worth it. The whole family can see it. There are action parts that might scare a 6 year old. Cinematography was great. Will for sure see it again. History in making. FOREVER!!!!
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awesome movie

By amyminckler
Written May 24, 2015
I thought this was the best one of the series. I loved them all but this one was the best. I would pay to see it again. It has a great twist in it that I wasn't expecting.
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