great ending

By potterhead6286
Written November 19, 2012
As someone who was never a fan of the series by my own choice and was pretty much forced to see all the other movies in the franchise, I really enjoyed the final installment. All the aspects of the ending (especially the credits) were great. It was enjoyable the whole way through and it wrapped things up perfectly. I definitely recommend it!
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Lovely finale for a great Saga!!!

By wenstar
Written December 06, 2012
I loved watching all of the movies in this saga. Personally, is within the top 3 best twilight movies. At first, it seemed like it was only going to be a brief continuation of the last film, yet, once it got to the pre-fight decision with Alice telling the Voltores, what could become of their future, which meant their death eventually, this scene in particular was very powerful since it gave viewers like myself, the chance to think what would happen if the Voltores died and who will eventually be the head clan of the vampires and the new generation of vampires/human people. It was also really cool to see Bella's transformation to becoming a vampire, Renesme's growth, Jacob's support to Renesme, and Alice's clues to Bella. Great casting of the Cullens family, especially the male relatives were great looking :) and the end was really nice. Also the soundtrack of this film is amazing, very romantic and I'm just really glad that Bella and Edward were able to stay together after all!!
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By Sambelle2
Written November 19, 2012
The best of the movies! This was also my favorite book and they did well converting a lot of things into a 2 hr movie. You're going to see something at the end that may anger die hard fans, but dont be dismayed, it all works out!! Go see it, now!!
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By movie_freak23
Written November 19, 2012
wow, the best twilight ever!!! i'm really sad it's over. when i was watching it, i kept saying lol. this movie will not disappoint you!!! :) everything is so perfect. i loved the ending.
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awesome movie

By amyminckler
Written November 19, 2012
I thought this was the best one of the series. I loved them all but this one was the best. I would pay to see it again. It has a great twist in it that I wasn't expecting.
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