By ahogan841
Written November 22, 2014
By far the best movie in the Saga. It is AMAZING. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. The ending is a little "mushy" for my taste, but it really pulls together the saga. I am actually really sad that it is over after this one. I will definately be returning to see this movie again in theatres and already can not wait to purchase it on Blue-ray! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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breaking dawn part 2

By dianeap
Written October 22, 2014
it was really good i believe it was better than all of them. too bad that it was the last one. its been real good movies and real good love stories.
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Great ending

By gotarheels
Written October 23, 2014
If you enjoy the Twilight saga you will love this movie. Of course the movie is not as good as the book BUT it is worth seeing it. I thought they did a great job wrapping up the series.
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By Nickelop
Written November 24, 2014
I could tell by the trailers the filming of this movie was different than the book. I was reluctant to go, since it was a midnight showing and I'm 64 with a cain and there are long lines. BUT, I am SO GLAD I WENT! I heard myself yelling, gasping and shouting and was unbelievably vocal which is not something I do in a movie. Please, unless your one of those stick in the muds that think this is another "vampire" movie, GO SEE IT! This movie was well done! It is NOT a vampire movie! It's a LOVE story. Not any different than the rich boy falling in love with the poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks with all of life trying to keep them apart. GO SEE IT!
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I Love Love LOVED Breaking Dawn Part 2

By nevergiveup313
Written December 26, 2014
I am a total Twihard and The Twilight Saga is amazing. Breaking Dawn Part 2 did not disappoint. It was the perfect ending for the saga. I am just so sad that it's over. I like that they changed some things (especially one thing in particular) to make the movie a little different from the Breaking Dawn book. They didn't take any important parts out and that is always important to me. If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Go Now!
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