By Jchodakowski
Written May 02, 2016
Other than the last 20 minutes of fighting, this movie is a pile of bad acting, poor writing, ludicrous story lines, sloppy editing, and laborious story telling. I laughed out loud as the movie slowly and obviously turned into a bad sequel to x-men. But, people will watch it and pretend to love it. I weep for this generation.
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Horrible special effects

By miami-mother-of-four
Written November 27, 2015
Opening night- showings every 15 minutes- packed theaters... the entire theater was laughing at the horrible special effects on Renesmee. I don't know why they didn't just use a real baby. Why they had to try to super-impose a face on to her, is beyond dumb. It did not work. Other than that, it was great. They changed some of the story from the book, but it was still likable. If you're a twi-fan you're going to go see it anyway. But, it is disappointing that they ruined Renesmee by trying to make her "so beautiful" they made her look like a joke!
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Breaking Dawn

By cg8193
Written November 16, 2012
Some of the graphics were a little weird but for a Twilight movie it was amazing. I dragged my friend to it (he is anti-twilight) and he thought it was pretty good too. Definitely got me with the twists and turns. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
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There's a surprise in it!

By haplobasalt
Written November 16, 2012
Well, the movie is basically loyal to the book, which is good to book fans. But there IS a big SURPRISE which led to many applauses in the theatre when I was in the premiere.
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better than the book

By bacikoko
Written August 20, 2014
the first 15 minutes are so cheesy that I was actually tempted to cover my eyes. most of the middle is relatively non eventful (which i expected since i couldn't figure out how they were gonna make the last book into two full movies). but the end made up for all of it! not trying to spoil it, but it is nothing like the book and it is much better for it!!! if you are a fan then you will be surprised, a bit horrified, and completely satisfied.
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