Breaking Dawn Part 2

By mostmoviessuck212
Written December 03, 2012
Loved the fight sequence and the twist. I was hoping to see more on an intimate level with the characters though. For example, Jacob revealed himself as a wolf to Charlie, but it wasn't clear to me that by doing so, it gave Charlie a heads-up about what Bella had become. It just seemed unresolved and weird. The same with her mother - where was she? I felt it left a lot of loose ends as far as personal relationships were concerned, which is what I loved about the 4 previous movies. Having said that, I would like to see another movie dealing with these now very complex relationships and Renesme's future with Jacob. Think we could get Stephanie to write a final book? For me, there's definitely a story there to be told.
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By wolfdengirl
Written November 24, 2012
I have never been to a movie where the viewers became so involved! Clapping, cheering, laughing, etc. This movie was Awesome! Can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again and again.
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By Nickelop
Written September 24, 2014
I could tell by the trailers the filming of this movie was different than the book. I was reluctant to go, since it was a midnight showing and I'm 64 with a cain and there are long lines. BUT, I am SO GLAD I WENT! I heard myself yelling, gasping and shouting and was unbelievably vocal which is not something I do in a movie. Please, unless your one of those stick in the muds that think this is another "vampire" movie, GO SEE IT! This movie was well done! It is NOT a vampire movie! It's a LOVE story. Not any different than the rich boy falling in love with the poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks with all of life trying to keep them apart. GO SEE IT!
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Go Watch It, like right now :D

By Mona1993
Written November 18, 2012
I loved the movie, it was so awesome, the ending with twist was so shocking but I loved it. I wish it was longer but that just means that it was that good ;) Go watch it :D
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Excellently executed ending

By jennifer_shore
Written November 20, 2012
Fans won't be disappointed with this saga's closure. I loved the attention to detail at the very end along with the way the whole story was excuted plus a little extra. Being the end to a well done quartet of books/movies...I was cheering, applauding, and laughing until tears came. It was a joyous experience that didn't leave me feeling sad (like I slightly anticipated) but instead I felt complete and satisfied. I loved it and Stephanie Meyer's producing....makes a great difference in the Breaking Dawn movies. Great Job to all the actors, behind the scenes, producers and Director! I applaud you all! J Ray
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