Breaking dawn

By jtubbs81
Written September 01, 2015
It was not the best one that they have made. It was just not up to the standards as the others in the series. It did not go along with the book as much as I liked, but it was still okay with getting the plot of the story right.
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By movie_freak23
Written May 25, 2015
wow, the best twilight ever!!! i'm really sad it's over. when i was watching it, i kept saying lol. this movie will not disappoint you!!! :) everything is so perfect. i loved the ending.
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By mkg045
Written July 01, 2015
EXCELLENT ending, lots of clapping going on in the theater. Too bad it's the end of the saga. I will greatly miss the characters and the roles they played in this movie.
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Great ending!

By karlchrisb
Written January 31, 2015
Full of very funny one-liners and a twist ending that will leave you satisfied even though there won't be any more Twilight movies! A must see!
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breaking dawn part 2

By dianeap
Written October 22, 2014
it was really good i believe it was better than all of them. too bad that it was the last one. its been real good movies and real good love stories.
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