Great ending to an EPIC series

By tbuissereth
Written November 17, 2012
The last one stuck closer to the book than all the other movies. Its worth seeing multiple times in theater, and buying when it comes out!!
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By mkg045
Written July 31, 2014
EXCELLENT ending, lots of clapping going on in the theater. Too bad it's the end of the saga. I will greatly miss the characters and the roles they played in this movie.
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Breaking Dawn - Part 2

By ravenshadowpaws
Written November 17, 2012
A definite must see for Twilight devotees. Beautiful cinematography, well done special effects, and great soundtrack enhanced this forever love story. I enjoyed the Twilight books and expected to be somewhat disappointed by the movies, especially this second half of Breaking Dawn. Instead, I sat rapt, enveloped in the experience. I am looking forward to seeing it again, something I rarely do with movies.
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It was terrific!!!!!

By latinanurse69
Written November 16, 2012
The movie surpassed what we expected. The theaters were in a frenzy!!!! The devoted fans had been waiting for this. It was well worth it. The whole family can see it. There are action parts that might scare a 6 year old. Cinematography was great. Will for sure see it again. History in making. FOREVER!!!!
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Great ending

By gotarheels
Written August 30, 2014
If you enjoy the Twilight saga you will love this movie. Of course the movie is not as good as the book BUT it is worth seeing it. I thought they did a great job wrapping up the series.
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