Twilight FanMania

By AllieBoCromerGirl
Written July 25, 2013
Great Movie. I loved the whole Saga, and am sad to see it to it's finale. Hopefully Stephanie Meyer will finish her book, "Midnight Sun", so that the story goes on. The story MUST go on! Oh yeah... Team Edward 'cause Jacob doesn't sparkle.
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Breaking Dawn-Best Twlight movie yet

By carolinehobbs
Written November 18, 2011
I feel like it stuck the most to the books. I waited 6 hours in line to see the movie and it was worth every minute. I can't wait for part 2!! I will be counting down the days! Awesome movie and I will be seeing this one multiple times in theaters
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I'm still in shock. Is this what tweens have been fawning over?

By the_awesomestdude
Written December 08, 2011
Ok so let me explain how I wasted 25.00. My wife finally convinced me to go see this with her and even she was diappointed in the acting, plot, and flow of this movie. Lets hit the script first. Last time I checked High School student's didn't write scripts for big motion picture movies. The verbiage used was so adolescent I had to laugh at times. It sounded like the whole movie could have been done via tweet. #/ I just can't leave you alone, no matter how many times everyone asks. #/ He's going to kill her *expressionless face*. I mean seriously... whats going on btn the three of them. It's like a never ending circle jerk and if Belle dies then it's just gay. On to acting... I'm seriously curious what these folks ate before acting their roles. They looked constipated the entire time. Seriously, she looked like she was seconds away from explosive diarrhea. In the bathroom *intense stare in the mirror for 5 minutes*, same in the living room, outside, hell stare everywhere!
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By td2522
Written November 21, 2011
While none of the Twilight movies are Oscar-worthy, they have been fun, escapist films with lots of action, romance, and humour. Not so with Breaking Dawn, which was very disappointing. Plodding direction, terrible leaden script, and uneven pacing. The wedding is beautiful, and there is some humour (but some missed opportunities). All in all, however, Eclipse is still the better of the four movies, and I rank this one the lowest.
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So much more then I expected!

By Tayl0147
Written November 18, 2011
I have to start by saying I was a sceptic for all of these movies. As a fan of the books I was afraid that they would screw up like they did with the first film, but I was wrong! They have gotten better with each film and this one tops them all! It was literally word for word with scenes from the book. Accurate to a T and even the acting was ten times better. I loved every minute of this film and if your a true twilight fan you will love it to. Every scene was perfect, just how I'd imagined it... I can not wait to see this again! I just hope they continue this accuracy threw to the last film... Actually remembering lines from the books as they said them was amazing! You have got to see this movie!!!!!!
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