Funny, well acted satire

By marcf
Written May 05, 2007
It's easy to make fun of Hollywood but it's not easy to do it in an interesting, funny, clever way and this movie accomplishes that. David Duchovny is great, Sigourney Weaver is hilarious and the rest of the cast is also very, very good. I think it's a really enjoyable movie if you can sit down and just appreciate the little moments, the great script and wonderful acting.
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By lijlkjlkj
Written April 17, 2007
Sorry I was expecting a lot more. Big name actors and everything. The whole plot could have fit into a 30 minute sit-com. My date rescued the evening when she produced the DVD Wedding Crashers to view at home.
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By PreviewPreviewer
Written April 20, 2007
Thank goodness it was only and hour and a half. Great cast, slow story. Thanks to "Cheesy's" review, I did not expect much...and yet I was still disappointed. However, I did like the point of the story and swear I will never try to submit a good screenplay. Why waste it on Hollywood? I write them just to enjoy them myself, exactly the way I write them.
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