The Tripper

By Thepackage
Written April 24, 2007
Pretty fun movie. Interesting concept for a horror film, although the movie wasn't particularly scary.
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Classic Gore

By johnnypockets
Written April 24, 2007
Sex Drugs and death to hippies. The Tripper was well made and had plenty of laughs. It is definitely worth seeing. I had a blast.
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The Tripper

By xmerrie1039x
Written April 27, 2007
Along with other fantastic horror-comedy genre films, such as Eight Legged Freaks, Slither, and the great classic The Toxic Avenger, this movie doesnt hold anything back. Its hilarious, its gory, its political; some scenes are even hypnotic, such as when the lead female is tripping on acid. The cast was wonderful, especially featuring one of my all-time favorite actors, Paul Reubens, who is never anything less than amazing. You MUST go see this film. It has sex, drugs, rock n' roll (or at least a live band playing some awesome ska music), blood, guts, hallucinations, flashbacks, Paul Reubens, a maniac dressed as Ronald Reagan, and a fantastic sense of humor. I'm definitely buying a copy of this when its released on DVD. ALSO- Go to horror conventions and meet David Arquette!
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Good freaky horror fest

By boozshcat
Written April 24, 2007
The Tripper was very well made and was quite enjoyable. There was some extremely wierd stuff, great camera work, interesting dialog, cool characters, and some good flash back hippie stuff. Go see it soon, it may not make it on DVD.
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What the heck..

By arealmoviehero
Written April 28, 2007
This movie was awful, I walked out after the first 20 minutes. The acting was lame, the plot was ridiculous and the filming was horrible.
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