By nmagone
Written November 06, 2011
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The Trip - Something Different, Funny and Quirky British Film

By Nadaryt
Written August 13, 2011
The trailer with the Michael Caine impressions alone was enough to get me to see this movie. If you like subtle British humor and people who do impressions, this movie is for you. Set in the North of England in the winter, the film has a slightly cold edge to it. Steve has to go on a restaurant tour with his friend Rob because his girlfriend can't go. Rob is in a meaningful, committed relationship while Steve seems to bounce around from girl to girl but is rather lonely. It's a story about old friends yukking it up on a road trip, which I'm always a sucker for. And if you like 80s ABBA tunes, you won't be disappointed. A knowledge of British actors enhances the experience. The portrait of poor rural cell service allows you to see the beauty of the winter landscape. You may want to note some of the restaurants and inns featured. The ending is abrupt, but you get the point. It's different, entertaining and thought-provoking.
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The Trip review

By jmeer
Written June 25, 2011
British take on Sideways, but with food the theme and British humor. Are the British funny?
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30 Min Would Have Been Fine

By Ottonader
Written July 26, 2011
Enjoyed the scenery. Would have been great if it was more positive.
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left in the middle

By elangbert
Written July 02, 2011
Total bore. And not funny.
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