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The Transporter Refueled Synopsis
Frank Martin (played by newcomer Ed Skrein), a former special-ops mercenary, is now living a less perilous life - or so he thinks - transporting classified packages for questionable people.
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Wait for the DVD!!!

By besmithus
This is a OK movie at best. The Transporter series has always been over the top, so I expect that it will be entertaining with very little based in actual reality. Unfortunately, there were instances...


By kriswiese

Not even 1000 miles close to Old Trans

By Cloudhardeep
Not even 1000 miles close to Old Transporter sequels.......

Why did this come out in theaters?

By guyhaley
After seeing the new Transporter movie it made me sad remember the original with Jason Statham. This movie did not deserve anything more than a DVD release. It was bad acting and the story was less...

By pilcheric
Awesome!! Great action! Must see!...

Its okay

By jiggajaybapg0315
It was an okay movie. Not all that was expected to be...

By applephoenix13
Not impressed. The action wasn't fluid and the actors lacked onscreen presence. They could've done better....


By md278
Ok. Not bad not great....

Did Not Disappoint

By Traybeal
Going to see an action movie that is a part of a franchise as pivotal as The Transporter, suspension of judgement is key. Yes, Jason is no longer Frank, but this vehicle of a film brings the grit and...

Ok but not missing anything on this 1

By jayjayare
The action sequences are what killed it for me the actor needed more practice to make the scenes feel real. There was a lot of times where I just didn't feel drawn into the experience because the...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sequences of violence and action, sexual material, some language, a drug reference and thematic elements
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Common Sense Media says Pointless, lifeless, violent reboot objectifies women.
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