'The Tourist' Movie Review...

By vaanan_kannan
Written December 10, 2010
The Tourist is one entertaining romp largely due to Depp, who carries it on his shoulders with ease...Right off the bat with the introduction of Frank , his expressions, eyes, body language, and tiny eccentricities, Depp plays it to perfection, and looks to be thoroughly enjoying himself...Though the plot may not be overly complex, and is a little predictable from nearly the start, 'the Tourist' still delivers one enjoyable ride that we are willing to sit back, and root for right up to the end- pure fun,and entertainment. Depp's stellar performance leaves one hungering for Captain Jack Sparrows return, but u until then, 'The Tourist' is one trip that is definitely worth taking!
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Dumbfounded by how bad this movie is

By rasfar
Written December 10, 2010
The plot is painfully predictable, without any fun to make it bearable. The writing is absolutely horrible. Why the big names in this movie would choose to continue after reading it (especially based on their history) is a mystery to me. The character development is extremely forced and the movie us excruciatingly slow.Please save your time and ten bucks and do literally anything else.
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The Tourist: Tour Guided by Excellence

By sunnyforever
Written December 23, 2010
A fantabulous movie, this slow paced WHO IS IT captures the essence of old Hollywood, when Directors took their time to build characters. This is so tastefully done and well acted by Angelina, Depp, Paul Bettany, and the bad guy Steven Berkoff. At first the Depp character was acted all wrong to me, but I was not aware of the master plan. By the end of the movie, I could not think of any other actor that could have bounced off this part like Depp. The JOLIE/ DEPP chemistry is smoldering and the plot twists are not as predictable as some are trying to convince you. The movie was not pre-spoiled for me and with a good track record of spotting the plot ending in\ 15 minutes into the movie; I had enough possibilities to hold final judgments until the end of the movie. Girls, make this a Chocolates, Sushi, and a Movie get together. Husbands are optional. (Although it is clean enough for the kids)
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Beautiful, fun movie with light humor and romance but not much of a thriller.

By AngelinaV13
Written December 11, 2010
I thought this movie was amazing. It was not a dark, sexy thriller like it seems a lot of people were expecting but it was a gorgeous movie with a great story and beautiful scenery. (If anyone read or watched the cast and crew interviews they would have known it wasn't That type of movie.) Everyone and everything was gorgeous. You can tell how much attention they paid to all the details and it really paid off. This is not a serious movie as the trailer might suggust. It had a touch of comedy and romance but not any big action scenes or sex scenes, like in Salt or Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Its a little like the Ocean's movies. Fun, cool, interesting, with a bit of romance. The ending was good. I was very pleased with it and I usually don't like how movies end. Anyone excepting a dark thriller will be disappointed though. Angelina and Johnny had good chemistry and you could tell they enjoyed each other, but only as friends. (Not like Brangelina in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.)
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Huge fan of Depp and a big fan of Jolie's...

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written December 13, 2010
...yet,I warn you,you will not be happy spending money here. Not even a good rental,or netflix watch. Really a soso movie,but i rated NO so people would not spend their hard earned dollars for a non experience. Previews were better and more suspenseful. A non eventful plodding along of the character's circumstances that someone tried to tie up with what was supposed to be a clever surprise ending. Even that was ruined by cutesie music and glib comments. I am dumbfounded Depp and Jolie did this. Couldn't even appreciate her beauty because of too much hair and makeup and too little expression. Couldn't appreciate his for too much weight and just a bland performance...oh yeah...there was not much to perform. Can't wait till they both put something great out again. This is a flop!
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