Don't go see this with your family!

By jaimelamew
Written January 11, 2016
This movie was very very sexual and made me feel awkward the entire time. Sex can be funny but I think this particular movie was little over board. It had a couple funny parts but it wasn't worth the awkward sex parts at all.
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Not very good

By jonmcmahan
Written August 02, 2013
I went to this movie because I liked the idea of a 90s comedy, but this one was terrible. Dumb and very unrealistic characters. I realize its a comedy but at least make some of the characters likable and real. Don't waste your money on this one.
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Wild High School Graduates on a Sex Mission

By pedsarq
Written January 11, 2016
Three young women who just graduated from HS set out to experience more sexual adventures than they had their entire time in HS. One of them has a To-Do list that gets out and most of the boys become eager participants. The music is great and the story and dialog is witty enough. Unfortunately, these characters aren't likeable at all and we don't want them to succeed or have positive experiences. That okay, however, because mostly bad things happen to them as a result of their mistakes. I was in a theater that was 30% full on the Sunday afternoon of the opening weekend and about 10 people walked out. I think it falls short of expectations for those who just want a movie about growing pains. These women are fearless and reckless, and they don't pay for their mistakes.
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pretty good

By eaconnor
Written July 28, 2013
Very funny cast, though the plot is a little generic and predictable. Also worth it if you grew up in the 90s , lots of awesome references.
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Devoid of Entertainment Value

By xxlamb
Written July 27, 2013
Vulgarity passing for humor; one-dimensional characters; lengthy scenes where the audience is left waiting for punchlines that never come; a mean streak and lack of empathy running through the movie; a one-joke movie (literally) that could be a SNL sketch, stretched into a two-hour waste of time. There is no character in this movie one can identify with or root for. An erstwhile comedy that is not funny but full of (intentionally?)cringeworthy moments. I don't recall seeing a less enjoyable movie for a very long time.
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