The To Do List Synopsis
A studious teenager (Aubrey Plaza) wants to lose her virginity before entering college in the fall.
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Don't go see this with your family!

By jaimelamew
This movie was very very sexual and made me feel awkward the entire time. Sex can be funny but I think this particular movie was little over board. It had a couple funny parts but it wasn't worth the...

Not very good

By jonmcmahan
I went to this movie because I liked the idea of a 90s comedy, but this one was terrible. Dumb and very unrealistic characters. I realize its a comedy but at least make some of the characters...

Wild High School Graduates on a Sex Mission

By pedsarq
Three young women who just graduated from HS set out to experience more sexual adventures than they had their entire time in HS. One of them has a To-Do list that gets out and most of the boys...

pretty good

By eaconnor
Very funny cast, though the plot is a little generic and predictable. Also worth it if you grew up in the 90s , lots of awesome references....

Devoid of Entertainment Value

By xxlamb
Vulgarity passing for humor; one-dimensional characters; lengthy scenes where the audience is left waiting for punchlines that never come; a mean streak and lack of empathy running through the movie;...

Very funny. Better than expected.

By jdevenuta
Everyone pulled their weight in this movie. I expect a lot of great one-liners and memes to come out of this movie. "R" rating is deserved. Go see it!...

The girl version of American Pie

By LovesMovies1234
Every absurd scenario that every teenager has read about, heard about or encountered themselves. The humor is crude but it fits the storyline (the movie isn't meant to be an award winner). I liked...


By leemackey
LOVED this movie! Laughed my head off. It's a bit raunchier, so if you're offended by that kind of humor, don't go. Butif you can handle some blue humor and want a laugh, go see it!...

Funny and Funny. Superbad with chicks kinda.

By starjowns
Laughed a lot actually, there's a lot of jokes and good run time that will make it good for repeated viewings. I saw it with some drunk girls behind me and made it better hearing their laughter...

The to do List

By jdrhuk
Great fun, a female 'Animal House' for today. Set in '93, the music brought me back to that time and what a wonderful, freeing and crazy time it was... go see it if you want a good, risky time......

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Rated R | For Pervasive strong crude and sexual content including graphic dialogue, drug and alcohol use, and language - all involving teens.
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Common Sense Media says Hilarious, but teen sex comedy has lots of raunch, drinking.
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