• Released
  • August 20, 2010
  • (Limited)
  • R , 1 hr 34 min
  • Art House/Foreign

Find this movie!

By suemarie
Written October 06, 2010
I know it is not playing in many theaters, it should be available to everyone. It will stir your emotions and keep you thinking long after seeing it. When you see what the government is capable of, its pretty scary too. I didn't know much about Pat Tillman going into the movie, this is a great tribute to him and his family.
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Heart grabbing movie

By sweetpea1959
Written September 21, 2010
Pat's story is such an inspiration on intellect, family, risks, patriotism and guts. It amazing that our soldiers can continue to protect us so well under such poor and incompetent leadership/politicians/theologist (what's the difference).
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Disclaimer: Pat & I called each other friend

By Calabashe
Written September 07, 2010
"The Tillman Story" is about the struggle of one family fiercely protective of their own and of the truth. Pat Tillman was an extraordinary man and a hero in his own right who gain national renown through his talent on the gridiron and post 9/11 patriotism. The Pentagon tried to use Pat's sacrifice for political propaganda. Such abuse appears to have been SOP. Pat would be the first to say his sacrifice was no greater than some 4700 other American military sacrifices since 9/11. None of our warriors deserve to be buried in lies. Also opportunists (media, politicians and writers) seized the moment to create a Super Hero Dude caricature. Amir Bar-Lev's film is an attempt to set the records straight. IMHO, This is the story Pat would want told in the way it should be told.
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Excellent film on a subject the government would rather not talk about

By consciouspilot
Written September 06, 2010
This was a very moving film showing Pat Tillman to be a complex person, and not just the hero the government and news media made him out to be. The film shows that the conspiracy to cover up what really happened in Tillman's death went from bottom to top: from the shooters in his own unit all the way, to Generals and up to at least Donald Rumsfeld and very likely George W Bush. Great film and great story that is still being written.
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Watch it

By mtdidus
Written February 09, 2011
Expect the government to keep secrets. It is the nature of how it works. Back room deals and under the table handshakes. All of that may even be necessary for this country to function. But the media needs to keep the government in check. They cant get lazy and must look beyond the surface. Question everything. Take the path of greatest resistance. Sometimes I wonder if we are turning into a nation that is just trying to get by. Watch this Doc and open your eyes.
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