Just Say Moe!

By Movie_Buff_86
Written August 09, 2014
If you want a laugh at the movies go check out "The Three Stooges" when you get a chance. I saw this with my parents and it was an enjoyable film! You have the same old gimmicks they had back then, with the great one liners. Nice way to spend a afternoon on a rainy day. See it.
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The Three Stooges

By Fangsfan
Written April 18, 2012
My entire family thought it was great. Will Sasso does an amazing Curly. The movie was heartfelt without trying too hard. Loved Moe on reality TV. I really appreciated the "don't try this at home" stuff at the end. You know there's going to be some kid that wants to try all that slap-stick and wind up in the ER.
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warning: hilarious movie!

By Reysanatra
Written April 14, 2012
I suggest not watching the trailers! Do watch the movie. It was the funniest sh it i have seen in a long time. You will not be disappointed. The whole theater was laughing hard. a perfect balance every movie should have. The movie offers the public what it wants. 1 would be to beat up the fake cast of a reality show. I almost juiced my pants (not literal) everytime the jersey shore cast got beaten! Awesome F N movie! I'm buying it boot leg to watch again and I'm buying the DVD when it comes out. Truely loved it!
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They're baaack

By threeandoh
Written April 14, 2012
I grew up watching the Stooges on TV every afternoon and I have to admit to being a Stooges fan. I don’t know how much that influences my opinion of this film but it was being hyped so much I assumed it was going to be terrible. Instead I don’t know if I've ever laughed so hard in a movie theatre. Diamantopoulos, Hayes and Sasso do such a great job of recreating the physical mannerisms and voices of the 3 Stooges that after a while you forget that they are not the brothers Howard and Larry Fine. Especially good was Moe's trademark use of nicknames. There are also some pretty funny turns by current comedians, actors and pop culture icons that plus up the laughs considerably. The slapstick humor and the puns were vintage Stooges, but there were also a few spells of scenes that were reminiscent of the schmaltzy full length features they made in the 60's, that I could have done with less of If you like the 3 Stooges you should love this – and stay till the end of the credits!
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The three Stooges

By jimjoel49
Written April 17, 2012
I enjoyed (The Three Stooges) the real problem is the cost of the movie experience. It cost me $25.75 to see movie with popcorn and a soft drink. I love the movies and it really saddens me that I can no longer justify the cost. The price has gone up so high that I feel foolish or worse yet; I am their fool for paying that much. I’ve have been going to the movies for the last 50+ years and I will miss the movie experience. What makes me mad is some movie profits have reached the billion dollar range, when is enough, enough? Why do we always let Greed check mate’s good? I’ll do what all my friends do; wait till the movies are on cable or Netflix. Will the movie and theater industries do what is needed NOW to lower the cost of a movie experience or will the Movie theaters go the way of the “Drive Inn Movies”?
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