Fun for little kids

By mikedc16
Written April 16, 2012
I took my daughter to this. She laughed a lot, but I didn't. I think you need to be under 10 to really enjoy this. I've seen worse though.
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The Three Stooges

By Sam The Kid
Written April 14, 2012
While I am a huge Three Stooges fan, I was skeptical going to this movie. Would they ruin a good thing? I was SO pleasantly surprised at how much I laughed! The portrayal of each Stooges was ingenious - right on the mark! From Moe's bossiness (with a tender side) to Larry's perfect yet not overdone role, to Curly, who was SO convincing as the most popular Stooge. Plus, the writing not only had many funny repeats from the 1940's shorts, but updated insults and in perfect sync. (My favorite line: Moe goes up to a large woman at a party and asks, "Hey, Jumbotron, have you seen Teddy?") The producers gave a wonderful tribute to the boys, while making them current for the 2010s - a task that was VERY difficult to do. Adding stars like Larry David, Jennifer Hudson, Sofia Va-va-va-voom, and others added legitimacy and fun. Really, if you even remotely like the old Three Stooges, you'll enjoy this. If you are a Stooge-a-phile, you will absolutely love it! ----Sam The Kid, Chgo
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The Three Stooges

By jabert3
Written April 13, 2012
I Loved it ,This was so Funny. I almost peed myself(I didnt). Lots of memories from the Original, They did a Great Job. Going again and will buy when released and Thank You. Please do Another One.
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Reluctant fan.

By texbrit1
Written April 14, 2012
This movie would not have been my choice to see. I went, reluctantly, with the hubby, as it was his birthday. How wrong I was....Thoroughly enjoyed it. Other people in the theater were cracking up, as was I. I was almost brought to tears with laughter.Funny, funny, FUNNY!!!!! Suitable for the entire family :)
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By bonniesbookkeep
Written May 18, 2012
I did not see 3 Stooges. I had emailed your company trying to find out what happened when I puchased the tickets online, because I purchased 2 tickets for the VACAVILLE theater for a 3pm showing - but what printed out was 2 tickets for CONCORD for 3 pm. I never got a response from you so I just went to the VACAVILLE theater and they said they would honor the tickets; however 3 stooges was not showing at VACAVILLE. The manager at VACAVILLE said we could pick another show, which we did, DARK SHADOWS, (a really stupid movie by the way). I will not buy tickets thru Fandango again, because the site is not updated to reflect the shows playing currently, plus you did not seem to care that my tickets were printed for the wrong theater. I am not happy with the site because it is impossible to contact a LIVING PERSON who might help when something goes wrong. Bonnie Miller
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