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By CMPunk630
Written July 22, 2013
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Note Perfect and Funny!

By Escapist_Man
Written April 17, 2012
This was really, surprisingly, funny. Why has this taken so long to get to the screen?! The actors are perfect and so are the sound effects and sight gags. Could have done without the little kids at the orphanage but even they were entertaining. Sophia Vergara and Larry David were particularly funny as well as the stooges. Loved, loved the scene in the nursery at the hospital. Take your kids and I am sure they will enjoy it too!
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The Three Stooges

By srolston
Written April 16, 2012
Loved it. It ain't Speilberg but I'm still laughing over the many, many funny scenes. Each stooge nailed his character and Larry David as a nun is great casting. A very satisfying movie just when my wife and I needed something stupid funny. Stick around for the extra video after the credits. Did not know that the minor hit sung at the very end by the stooges and the outstanding Jennifer Hudson was written by Stevie Wonder.
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By movie-pro
Written April 25, 2012
I grew up with the stooges and these 3 actors did a great job of impersonating the 3. Moe was probably the best with Curly coming in very close. It's typical stooge comedy, so if you don't get a kick out of slapstick humor you won't like the movie. Young children that have no idea what the 3 stooges are about will get a kick out of the movie, no pun intended..
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The Three Stooges

By salcondebby
Written April 15, 2012
Must go My husband and I took a 83 year old man to see it and he laugh through the whole moive. It was for every member of the family a nice change from some of the moives that out there today
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