Honoring the Original Three Stooges

By martinkalovescats
Written April 14, 2012
Wow....I am a huge Three Stooges fan and the director, producer and of course the actors did an awsome job in honoring the original Three Stooges. Everyones heart was in the right place. If you are one to critized this movie...stop it and just simply enjoy the movie. I went to see this movie by myself, and I found myself laughing at all their slap stick and verbal cut downs with no punt intended. I just wish I had my dad sitting next to me as he is also a huge fan of the Three Stooges - a lot of good memories.
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The Right Actors, but Terrible Direction w/ Director

By a3p7rjac
Written October 09, 2014
Compare to the classics, the movie is not as funny and the director did a poor job with the plot and story. I am glad they found the right actors, but they failed steering them in the right direction.
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By gabarnett9
Written April 20, 2012
If you grew up watching The Three Stooges, you won't want to miss this movie. It is refreshing that this movie doesn't have vulgar words or sex scenes. There is one scene that could be offensive showing a nun wearing a bikini. All in all, this movie will make you laugh and you will leave not regretting that you attended.
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By CMPunk630
Written July 22, 2013
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Note Perfect and Funny!

By Escapist_Man
Written April 17, 2012
This was really, surprisingly, funny. Why has this taken so long to get to the screen?! The actors are perfect and so are the sound effects and sight gags. Could have done without the little kids at the orphanage but even they were entertaining. Sophia Vergara and Larry David were particularly funny as well as the stooges. Loved, loved the scene in the nursery at the hospital. Take your kids and I am sure they will enjoy it too!
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