The Three Stooges Movie

By Zeki101
Written April 14, 2012
The movie was an AMAZING movie full of laughs and even a moral. The moral would be to always stick together to your friends in times of need. I would for sure go to the movie again because of the sound effects and because it was that funny.
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wub wub wub

By photostarz
Written April 23, 2012
fantastic job with the actors portrayal of the originals, You can almost close your eyes and believe it was the original 3 stooges. Watching the cast of "Jersey Shore" getting slapped around was worth the price of admission.
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By lute70
Written April 16, 2012
If you were a fan of the Stooges (as I was growing up) you'll love this movie. The directors really resurrected the spirit of the The Three Stooges and the actors were absolutely fantastic.
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Three Stooges

By cutglassbowl
Written April 14, 2012
I saw the three stooges movie. It was good for many belly laughs and brought back fond memories of a bygone era of comedy. This movie is not for everyone, but then, what movie is now days?
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The Three

By fluxmann
Written July 31, 2014
Since my childhood (a long time ago) I've been a total fan of the Three Stooges. I love physical humor and they were the best. My favorite clip of old is the one where Curly fights with the clam in his soup. This movie exceeded my expectations. I was in tears many times and the story line was a good one. Read the Three Stooges inserted into the Lemon Drop Kid. All in all a very fun movie if you are into the TS's kind of humor. If you are not, don't go. I'll be buying the DVD when it is available. If you like to laugh, go see it.
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