One of the funniest movies I've seen in a long, long time! SOINTENTLY!!!!!

By kidsofthecore
Written October 22, 2014
For months I waited after they released the first trailers for the film. Being a true Stooge fan I was anticipating this movie from the beginning. The film was great, it didn't need a complex story just a simple fit, a lot of humor and a great time. From beginning to end I laughed so hard I cried and yes, almost peed myself. That funny! The three actors would have made Moe & Curly Howard along with Larry Fine beyond proud to know that their legacy lives on and that they still can make people laugh with the occasional eye poke. The Farelly Brothers lived up to their long line of directing humorous films. They truly showed their fans of the Stooges by incorporating their classic slapstick mixed with modern day scenarios. I'm sure everyone by the end of the movie was doing the Curly Shuffle I know I was. I would recommend this movie to the diehard Stooge fan, especially those who knew it wasn't to replace them but to honor them! Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk! Goodbye! GoodBYE! GOODBYE!!!! SOINTENTLY!
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Just like the TV show

By kcgebert
Written April 15, 2012
The humor and stunts were just like the old TV show, and the actors were spot on in their roles. This movie is obviously not for everyone, but if you are or ever have been a Stooges fan it is a must see. I laughed almost non-stop. PS Sofia Vergara was a great foil, and Larry David plays a hilarious nun.
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The three stooges are back!

By auburn huntress
Written April 19, 2012
As a kid I used to love to watch The Three Stooges! That is when I wasn't at my babysitter's house she wouldn't let us watch it. She said it was to violent. Wow if she was still around she would be changing her mind on that one. All I have to say is if you are a Stooges fan then you will like this movie. Everyone did a great job bringing the characters back to life. I almost couldn't tell the difference between the old stooges and the new stooges. The only difference I could tell was that of course it was in color and that it was in a modern day setting. They still did all the crazy things the stooges did back in the day. There were a lot of funny things going on in this movie and the antics of Moe, Larry and Curly sometimes made me cringe. I really enjoyed this movie and can't wait for another one. If you liked the stooges back in the day you will like this movie.
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The film really shows how much they are still alive and loved in today’s society.

By misslaurie429
Written April 13, 2012
I’ve been watching The Three Stooges since I was five and if you’re a fan… GO SEE THE MOVIE. Chris Diamantopoulos which plays Moe is spot on! UNCANNY. I could see the real Moe Howard. The film had all their little qwhips from the show back in the 30’s and as hilarious as ever.
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10 of us went!

By meganrb
Written April 15, 2012
10 of us went and we all laughed and enjoyed it. My husband, his 2 brothers, and 5 boys (ages 7-11) are big Stooges fans and the movie was a MUST GO for them. They certainly enjoyed themselves and the movie did not disappoint. My sister-in-law and I enjoyed it too, although not as much.
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