The Three Musketeers 3D Synopsis
D'Artagnan and friends must foil Richelieu's anarchist plot.

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Slant Magazine

A moment's patience is soon rewarded by Anderson's vast store of rich, intoxicating imagery.
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By Dan Jolin
Stupid, with three o's. But also fun, never boring, and never insulting (to anyone other than Dumas) - unlike certain of the summer's...
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Boxoffice Magazine

By Sara Maria Vizcarrondo
Trash-action director Paul W.S. Anderson's (Alien vs. Predator) finds no cultural purpose for this rather literal adaptation of the...
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Entertainment Weekly

It floats, but it's mainly filled with hot air.
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Time Out New York

Muskets and swords are a bit old-fashioned for the director of "Resident Evil" - Paul W.S. Anderson has added flying battleships and...
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The Hollywood Reporter

3D swashbuckler wields a disappointingly blunt sword.
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

By Liam Lacey
All the borderline pantomime acting and wigged buffoonery is deliberate and silly, but The Three Musketeers remains charmless, a romp...
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It's not the addition of airships and male dangly earrings that make Paul W.S. Anderson's take on Alexandre Dumas' classic, much-adapted...
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Orlando Sentinel

By Roger Moore
This is a once-in-a-lifetime fiasco, an epic fail like none we have seen this year, a bad idea by a very bad director and a...
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Phillips
This latest version is le pits.
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Don't listen to the critics

By MarkTBear
This is a beautiful movie that's just plain old Saturday matinee fun. The sets and costumes are amazing, the acting passable, and if you like bearded men, the cast is wonderful eye candy. :-)...

Love the story (the original), but this version....?

By scottccarmichael
Love the Three Musketeers as a story and the settings/characters/etc. that it's made of ---- but Paul W.S. Anderson's newest movie (came out yesterday) is a turd. He [really] can't film action...

Visually Stunning But Lacking Pizzazz....

By Maui Diva and Dude
The cinematography was great, although it was not really as "3D" as we had expected - The characters were not nearly as exciting or engaging as in previous versions, and the changes to the story line...

Totally Disappointing

By harleeferris
Great deal of talent totally wasted. Creatively no one person knew what was necessary to make a timeless story into a moderne , cohesive, fit . An enormous amount of monies were spent on this...

Loved it!

By FlickMonster
I was looking for a visually great and entertaining movie to see this weekend and Three Musketeers definitely fulfilled that. the movie was cute and #D effects were very well done. I'd suggest that...

The Three Musketeers 3D

By Sweetpea733
We had a great time! The story line was good and left me wanting to see more; when is Part II? There was great action and special effects! In addition, Orlando Bloom looked good too!...

Three Musketeers in 3D - Not Bad!

By Lonely Raven
It was campy, it had some mistakes (costume/detail/FX) that you'd catch if you were paying attention. Milla was hot as always, and the Musketeers themselves were fun as to be expected. The fight...

Why all the hate?

By suemarie
I do not agree with most of the critics. I think this is a fantastic movie. It is so entertaining. The cast is good, the action is fun to watch and there is a plot that moves along quickly. I enjoyed...

A great silly movie...the horror folks make Three Musketeers

By alohawild
I read the reviews and was prepared for bad. This was a trip. It was really fun and do hope they make another. The lines and acting are bad but I think they are suppose to be. The fight scenes...

Three Musketeers, or something vaguely like it?

By thejeffersonlee
This movie couldn't get out of its own way to stuff in more 3D eye candy, explosions, and things that simply have no business being in a pre-French Revolution period piece. Is it action and bombast?...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sequences of adventure action violence
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Common Sense Media says OK for kids 11+ Swashbuckler for tweens has tons of action but no heart.
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