Heart-felt and Beautiful!

By StarWarsLuvr
Written April 03, 2010
Michel Gondry captured the beauty and the soul from his aunt's amazing journey as a schoolteacher, a wife and a mother throughout this film. I was pleasantly surprised how open and giving his aunt Suzette and cousin Jean-Yves were about themselves without worry or a fuss. Refreshing and beautifully done! Plus, the scenery of rural France was gorgeous!!
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The Thorn in the Heart

By tenderghost
Written April 04, 2010
Michel Gondry is so adept at expressing the human condition and is successful in that endeavor again with this touching homage to his aunt who obviously influenced his life and art. I loved the 8mm footage from the 60s and 70s, reminded me of the home movies my grandfather shot during my childhood.
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life of Suzette Gondry

By razmatazern
Written June 22, 2010
I was able to see this movie at SXSW this year, and I'm grateful that I had that privilege. I really enjoy being able to look into a stranger's life and just learn random tidbits that would otherwise remain unknown. Being able to see the life of Suzette Gondry was very interesting. The film seemed like a personal movie that Michel made just for him and his family, but it was neat being able to watch this film and feel as if you're being welcomed into their lives--if even just a small part. After learning about all the ups and downs of her life and watching the impact she has had on many people, I felt as if Suzette had been a part of my life.
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worth a trip

By AdamDaniels
Written April 03, 2010
A touching and earnest film portrayed by Gondry in an honest fashion.
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