Keep that thing to yourself! (LOL)

By large_popcorn
Written October 25, 2011
I'm kidding.. I enjoy sci-fi movies, and I enjoyed this one. I give it an 8 out of 10 on the scale. My fifteen yr old son, who doesnt get into scary(unless its on the xbox) gave it a 6 out of 10. A bit hard to follow every second, but worth the matinee price.
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Si Fi-ish

By ac1587
Written November 02, 2011
I liked this movie. My annoying BF though thought it was dumb. I got scared at a few scenes. I think its a good movies to watch with your GIRLFRIENDS!
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The Thing

By epruitt48
Written October 24, 2011
I mean what can I say. I had been wanting to see it after watching the previews and I was not disappointed. I don't really care too much whether this was a remake or a prequel, although I am kinda leaning toward prequel. Mainly because, if you would wait just a few minutes into the final credits, you would see why I was leaning toward it being somewhat like a prequel. But all in all, I enjoyed the movie. I cannot wait until the dvd version is released. I am going to put it with my John Carpenter's version of the movie. Fan who really liked the movie. P.S. I would not take the young children to see this film, because it would give them nightmares.
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Very Good Prequel

By bookishboy
Written October 19, 2011
I'd give four of five stars; answers the questions the original asked concerning what happened to the Norwegian scientists that found the spaceship and alien in a cool, fun, intelligent way. Best thing about the movie; a ton of fun to watch. Negatives--maybe a little too much alien car chase where more science would have been welcome. Worth going to. A smart person's horror film.
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Nicely fits with Carpenter's '82 version

By Snooge13
Written October 20, 2011
While the CGI wasn't great, the moments where they used real special effects were. Acting was well done, this movie had a lot to be living up to. Solid movie, would take a friend.
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