if u haven't seen this movie, please read this!

By CradleOfFilth52493
Written April 05, 2009
this film is supose to b a remake of th 1974 version but i luv this film as a horror film but i dont like this film as a remake but those who r around 35 or oldr may not like this film too much since this film is WAY TOOOOOOO different from th original it included charactrs tht nevr existed in th 1974 version nd it didnt hav th charactrs tht did exist in th original this film didnt hav th same names from th original nd leathrface lost his arm in this film which was prety surprisin in a bad way but th actin in this film were prety good nd so were th make up but this film is again too different from th original th only scene in this film tht is similar to th original is wen th guy goes in th hous nd gets th bak of his head bashed by a sledgehammr but in this film th hitchhikr turns out to b a survivr nd shoots hrself in th head which was also surprisin
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By willygarcia25
Written April 28, 2012
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true story

By loganlamberson
Written April 03, 2013
texas chainsaw massacre is based on a true story about ed gein
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By beaglesareawesome
Written July 29, 2013
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By Movie geek 1997
Written May 29, 2013
Acting sucks plot in general stupid I'm 15 years old and that stuff didn't scare me at all
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