Great Movie

By johnjodiee
Written October 19, 2007
Great movie for the whole family to enjoy!
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The Ten Commandments

By 2angels
Written October 22, 2007
Powerful family movie! My husband & I took our 10 yr old boy & 3 yr old girl to see it and we ALL enjoyed it very much. We would LOVE to see more faith based family movies available. This was exactly what we're looking for! Go see it today.
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The Ten Commandments

By hollieberry
Written October 24, 2007
It was awesome. A must see. It was so amazing to see the events the Isrealites went through and how God always provided. God is amazing.
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Great Family Film

By Penny Darby
Written October 23, 2007
I am happy to see that this type of film is getting so much attention. My family and I love this story. I am however surprised by negative reviews stating that it was not presented as a bible story. The title Ten Commandments pretty much clarifies that this is a bible based movie. If you are offended by the bible then why would you see it in the first place? And since our schools do not allow any mention of the bible this is a great tool to educate our young ones on this classic story.
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The Ten Commandments

By kathy56
Written October 26, 2007
This movie was very entertaining and stayed for the most part true to the Biblical account of the life of Moses. The computer animation was quite intriging and well done. The music as well was excellent. Seeing this movie would be an enjoyable outing for any family.
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