Hilarious story inspired by The Ten Commandments!

By jessgarcia
Written July 04, 2007
The movie is 10 funny stories each inspired by the ten commandments. Directed by David Wain who is well known for directing the film Wet Hot Amierican Summer and a member of the comedy troupe Stella. If you are in for a lot of laughs The Ten is definately the film for you. The cast features many great actors such as Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Adam Brody, Winona Ryder, AD Miles, all the members of The State, and more!
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Pure, Silly, Fun

By RoseBud82
Written August 08, 2007
While this movie is certainly not for everyone, I recommend everyone go see because it's so different and wacky that you just might find something you like. The writing is great and original and all of the actors throw themselves into the insanity. If your tired of the same old comic formula then run to see this movie, it's freaking nuts.
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Truly something original

By brokethebox
Written August 05, 2007
This movie is completely unique and DEFINITELY HILARIOUS. I think it's a film that has something for anyone. The all-star cast is phenomenal and truly add their own special touches to each role. You will find yourself looking back on it and laughing and quoting the countless hilarious lines with your friends. This was definitely a refreshing movie experience.
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THE TEN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By jacko7777
Written August 05, 2007
I have never seen seen a movie as wild and funny and crazy as this one. There's Wynona Ryder having an affair with a puppet! Adam Brody jumps out of a plane without a chute! Every scene is funnier than the next. The cast is unbelievable - Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Liev Schreiber, Olivaeer Plattt and on and one. Ans they are hysterical! I've told all my friends about this and those too stupid to go will have to wait till our next beer spring break and see the film on DVD. I am laughing sometimes just thinking about some of the scenes in the film. Can't wait to get the DVD so I can watch it a bunch of times with my buds.
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I laughed so much I hurt myself

By BigBunnyTexas
Written August 05, 2007
This is the must see film of the summer. You simply can't go wrong with that amazing cast, and talented director Daid Wain. If you don't see this film you simply won't be cool this summer.
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