The Tempest

By marty47
Written June 15, 2012
I viewed this film at your Pinellas Park FL theater. What a disappointment!! I love this play, and the production/film was proceeding splendidly until about the end of Act 4 (have not read the play in years) and then Poof! we were at the play's conclusion w/Prospero's final speech. There was no reuniting of all the characters, no "O brave new world" from Miranda, no wedding, no resolution. A very small crowd and darned few even "got" it, not exactly Shakespeare literate. For the sake of my sanity (I taught S'peare) and my wallet ($15 for an amputated conclusion--we lost at least 20 minutes), I would like at least an explanation. (Will a decision maker read this review? or will I be blowing in the wind?) If this had happened in a less automated theater (like St Pete Beach's Beach Theater), all patrons would have been refunded their price of admission. Frankly, I don't think your staff had a clue. Kind of sad. But I think you should offer consolation for your glitch.
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Play and Film Great Production Ever Seen

By wiseoldken
Written June 16, 2012
The play itself is fantastically directed and acted/ Just great actors, the words, and a great conception of the characters as fully developed people. Best Prospero and Cailban I've ever seen. And the filming of it is spectacular. Ever word clear. NOT just a boring filmed staged play. 10 cameras used in the right way to make you feel like you are part of the stratford audience. See this production if you get a chance.
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The Tempest

By mconnell5
Written June 15, 2012
Christopher Plummer is at his most magnetic and conducts a master class. The entire ensemble is very good, especially the comic relief. Usually that part falls flat but somehow they managed to make it current and funny. One of the best productions I've ever seen. The cinematic treatment was superb, apart from the storm scene at the beginning which was a bit overdone. Shakespeare's words were treated with respect and retained their own musicality. Highly recommended. I hope we see more Shakespeare like this.
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Nice production of The Tempest

By mjwelt5457
Written June 15, 2012
I liked this production, and the souond quality was wonderful. The supporting cast was very good, the costumes were great, and of course Plummer is very very gifted and did a great job. We were very glad to be able to catch this!
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The Tempest

By joycesmall
Written April 23, 2015
A wonderful opportunity to see the Stratford Theater and its outstanding production quality. Without doubt the actors were superb as would be expected from Christopher Plummer. Just as impressive were the staging, costumes, and speciaal effects. I found the sound a little too soft to hear some of the dialogue (not Plummer's) but otherwise found the whole experience delightful. My only complaint is that I would not have known about this showing if someone hadn't mentioned it. How do I find out about these special presentations?
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