Desperate for Despereaux

By bigjim847
Written January 03, 2009
Fun movie. We took the whole family and we all enjoyed it. The animation was excellent and the story good. We actually listened to the story last summer on a family trip using books on tape. It was fun to see the story come to life.
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It was a great kids movie

By April_LeAnn
Written January 02, 2009
I read some reviews on here saying that this was too scary for kids. I took my 6 year old son to see this movie & he didn't get scared once. Neither did any of the other children there....& some of them were younger!! I thought it was really cute. Had a nice message....I enjoyed it as far as "kids" movies go. If you can't go see it then you'll have to rent it when it comes out!!!
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Way too Scary for little kids

By Halinad
Written January 02, 2009
I took my grandchildren (6 and 3) to see this "kids" movie. While the plot is about being brave, noble and having character (all good qualities), there are so many overdone scary rat scenes that the kids spent half the movie with their eyes covered. There were literally 4-5 other kids in the theatre crying and saying they wanted to go home. I promised my granddaughter that I would put this review on line for her, so that other little girls did NOT go see the movie.
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good try, not for young children

By imax1fan
Written December 30, 2008
I saw this film with a young child of 5 years old and the child is only interested to see Despereaux the Mouse and its chivalry elements (as portrayed in its advertisements). But this is not the case at all; this tale is actually a tale of 2 rodens: a rat and a mouse. Elements of the film include death of a parent (queen), sorrow of a father(king), depression of a daughter (princess), good rat and behavior vs. bad rat and behavior, difference of physical feature and behavior of a living creature (despereaux) vs. orthodoxed ideals, ignorance vs. acceptance, friendship, honor and courage, greed and desperation, and so forth.... The film begins with the tale of the rat for about 10 minutes and this is too much for young children and not to mention the many, many elements of the film. A curious element of the film imitates Top Chef in cooking soup. The unexpected elements of the film is betrayal of the princess's maid and kidnapping of the princess.
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A True Kids Movie

By dani_girl
Written January 20, 2009
If your looking a for a true kids movie with no adult inuendos this is the one to go see. I was pleasently surprised when there were no conotations to adult references that might be overlooked by young children. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did with my children.
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