Tale of Despereaux

By clentini
Written July 10, 2009
I saw it with my 6 year old. We enjoyed it.
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By thedennis
Written March 28, 2009
Obviously this film is aimed at the younger audience, and for them, I thought the film proved to be a quality effort. As an "oldster", who was accompanying one of that younger crowd, I found it somewhat difficult to "stay tuned" through the entire production. Get the DVD when it comes out, and save yourself the hassle of trying to find a parking spot at the mall.
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Worth paying movie theater prices

By momw/kids
Written December 23, 2008
I have a 10 year old, 9 year old, and 5 year old. Our whole family stayed with the movie and enjoyed it. We have read the book. Little change from original story. Bound to be a classic!
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Nice family Movie for All Ages

By mrebaza
Written December 29, 2008
with the numerous GP-13 and R rated movies out, it was nice to find one the smaller kids could go to. I Took my three boys, ages 8, 6, and 4 and my grandson age 2 and his father and mother) to see this movie yesterday. Everyone enjoyed it! It was a little slow to get started and the 2 yr was a bit figidity but eventually he got into the groove and watched the movie. Honestly, I think the fairy tale was a bit lame, but the lessons to be learned were great and the three boys were able to pull those out and discuss them. Coincidently they were themes that we had spoken about earlier in the day.. I will buy the DVD when it comes out, I think it is a movie the boys will watch again. Someone criticized the art form, actually I did nt see any problem with it all nor did the children. The Voices, especially that of Dustin Hoffman were wonderful. It is especially nice to see some of those well known actors taking part in family films.
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Tale of Despereaux was FANTASTIC

By Alaskan4ever
Written January 01, 2009
Our kids are ages 6 & 8 and we are 29 and 37 and We all thought it was WONDERFUL. The storyline was awesome and the animation and character creations were ADORABLE. I will purchase this when it comes out on DVD.
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