Despereaux Desperate For Story and Laughs

By vweisman
Written December 24, 2008
I cannot believe the fabulous reviews this trainwreck received! What a nightmare! Spoiler alert! There are multiple "main" characters all of whom are experiencing existential dilemmas or, in the case of the maid, a psychotic break. Note to parents of young kids, this psychotic break means that she decides that SHE is the princess and then (on the advice of a once kind, now malevolent, rat who she thinks is just a voice in her head giving her directions) kidnaps the princess to be eaten by feral rats in a gladiator style ring. I swear I am not making this up. The titular main character, Despereaux, although cute is kind of an afterthought in the psych ward of the rest of the story. He is banished and condemned to death (this is a kids movie?!?!) by the mouse council of elders because he is not afraid enough. His parents buckle to societal pressure and kick him to the curb. He is then tossed to the gladiator pit as bait for a rabid cat for the entertainment of the mob of rats. SKIP IT!!!
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Rated G??

Written March 09, 2009
I'm still apologizing to my girls, ages 4 and 5 1/2 for taking them to this movie!! I like my children to laugh and get joy out of a movie, not cower in their seats at the theatre! I only wish my husband and I had left earlier (no arguments were heard from the girls either when we decided to!), we just thought perhaps we were finally through the worst of things but it was not getting any lighter. I'm usually not that harsh of a judge but I found this movie to be dark (as mentioned several times before), depressing, and violent. I'm not sure what age it would be appropriate for, but in my thoughts not under 7 and not a G rating. I'm hoping it had to have a very happy ending to make up for all the anxiety little kids are going to be put through to get there!
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The Tale of Despereaux

By Movie Freak10
Written January 09, 2009
The Tale of Despereaux was a really nice movie and perfect to go see with the family. It was funny and kids will love it i like it and im twelve so up to that age i think it is a pretty good film. The little mouse was extremely awesome and kids will love him. Definetly worth seeing with the family.
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Tale of Despereaux was FANTASTIC

By Alaskan4ever
Written January 01, 2009
Our kids are ages 6 & 8 and we are 29 and 37 and We all thought it was WONDERFUL. The storyline was awesome and the animation and character creations were ADORABLE. I will purchase this when it comes out on DVD.
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big caveat

By mommymoviebuff
Written December 21, 2008
I should say that as a movie that stands alone, Despereaux was a cute movie with a good message. As a parent who was rewarding her child for reading the wonderful book by taking her to see the movie version, I was overwhelmingly disappointed. The book was such a rich, dark, story...the movie a fluffy, happy version. I think "Inspired by the book" would be more fitting than "Based on the book," but then again, I had some huge expectations going in. My son, who hasn't read the book, loved the movie. So there you go.
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