good movie

By Cinamaniac
Written December 19, 2008
It teaches you to fallow your dreams.. dont let parents hold u back~
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Tale of Deperaux

By ksprice0577
Written December 20, 2008
I really enjoyed the movie. "My kids really enjoyed it too.
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Good Show. Ingrore the critics.

By nanell
Written December 29, 2008
Don't read the book and go to this movie thinking it is the same. The book is always better and the movie much different then the book. Cute story with a great message. My 21 months old daughter and my 3 1/2 year old son loved it. My son wants to be a mouse with a sword. No darker then The Black Cauldron or the upcoming Coraline. Parents do your homework. Know what you are going to.
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Written December 13, 2008
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By lido14
Written December 29, 2008
We saw this with my son's class. It was fun being there with all those kids! They had read the book in school so then went to see the movie. It was cute. My 8 year old son loved it and said it was 'the best movie ever". I wouldn't go that far but I did enjoy it. People were saying it was dark, but from what my son tells me the book was darker. Sometimes that makes a good story. As long as there's a good lesson and a happy ending.
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