so excited!

By godannydannygo
Written December 05, 2008
looks terrific. i loved the book and it seems like the cast/crew are very talented. I for one loved Seabiscuit & Flushed Away (i know, i know... probably the minority). Im' there!
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Despereaux is desperately transparent

By irisintherain
Written December 22, 2008
Beginning with the transparent opening message-anything that is natural should not be illegal-right on through the entire dark and dismal setting, this is no place for a young child to spend 90 minutes of their very impressionable time. The marketing promises a darling little mouse (Despereaux) in a light-filled swashbuckling atmosphere. What you get is a thinly veiled adult-themed message movie that has no real meat to the story or real development of its characters. I went with five adults and three children, ages 11, 8, and 6. The six year old was scared throughout the entire first half-not usual for him. The 11 and 8 year old liked how cute Despereaux was when he was born. The adults ranging from atheist college instructor of political science, two doctors, a filmaker with his own production company to a religious elementary school teacher all, without exception, thought the movie was depressing and too dark for children. Gotta have rodents? See Ratatouille!
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Loved the book.

By devinishot
Written January 04, 2009
Ok, I haven't seen the movie, yet. However; I am a fan of the book!!! I would recommend it to anyone that loves; adventure and and a little romance. The book is personally one of my favorites! Read the BOOK!!! P.S. I will write my review on the movie when I see it! :)
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Moody, Dark, Dreary...this is a Christmas Release???

By aldyn1
Written December 22, 2008
Unbelievably slow, dark, dreary, and altogether miserable! I am an artist/illustrator and animator, so have great respect for the medium, and am blessed to have twin four and a half year old daughters who share my joy in going to see the latest animated features...not to mention, I'm familiar with the book! I know it's not a joyful book by any means, but this movie was so QUIET, and slow and damned depressing, I can't believe this was a Xmas release?! A hushed silence...awkward...fell over the crowd as the movie ended (here in Chicago), because there was just no joy there...and by all intents, it was a "happy" ending. But scary rats, mean people. hostage taking, heart attacks and death, depression and sadness overwhelmed the movie. From a storytelling standpoint, it was disjointed, not on par with the book, the characters were not well-developed, nor were their actions justified from scene to scene (esp. Roscuro's good-to-bad-to-good journey). Utterly disappointed with this film.
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good movie

By Cinamaniac
Written December 19, 2008
It teaches you to fallow your dreams.. dont let parents hold u back~
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