Desperaux is not for small children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Moviemomx39
Written January 01, 2009
I took my daughters ages 5 and 3 to see this movie today. What a disappointment!! It was too scary and the overall theme too dark and morbid. The main plot revolved around death, pirate rats and revenge. Some scenes reminded me of Pirates of the Carribbean 3 which was equally distrubing. Furthermore, this cartoon was overly violent. My children asked to leave the theater before the end of the movie. That about says it all. I want a refund.
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my fav book

By bunnybookodabear
Written December 01, 2008
omg!!! this book was my favorite. i have read it three and times and still loved it.
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Not for young children

By mcintire family
Written December 29, 2008
I recommend that children under 8 not see this movie. It is a dark movie with frightening scenes. For those who read the book, you will find some changes. A huge scary cat, skulls, a slew of hungry rats. An interesting story but not outstanding and certainly not for the youngest viewers.
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Good moral story

By blhutton
Written December 25, 2008
This was a really good family movie. The characters were great. And it taught a very good moral. Forgiveness! There is not a lot of forgiveness in the world and I don't believe many kids get taught the importance of it.
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By Bobrocks12123
Written December 15, 2008
I saw this movie and I pissed my pants I was so bored. PEE IS GREAT!
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