By kstoops2000
Written January 21, 2009
Great movie. My family loved it. We talked about how pain and forgivness are both very powerful.!! I highly recommend!!
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Kids loved it, so did i

By morenomarried2kids
Written January 16, 2009
I took my two young boys to see this movie, and expected to just sit through another boring kids movie so that my kids could enjoy themselves. I actually ended up caught up in the story, and I liked the fact that the characters were complex and showed my boys that things are not just black and white. Good people, (or rats) can have bad moments and make bad decisions, and the same is true for supposedly 'bad' individuals. I'm glad that they saw that life is not simple, but that the decisions you make are very important to not only you, but to others as well. Good lesson, good movie.
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cute movie a bit of shrek slides in

By cyndifox
Written December 27, 2008
we werw 3 children 6,7,and 11 all enjoyed it. 7 yr old thought it went to fast. my husband and i thought beginning slow. my 11 yr old said the beginning didn't make much sense. but all did enjoy it
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The kids and grandparents loved it!

By dreamshot
Written December 27, 2008
It's a fairy tale, in the spirit of the Brothers Grimm. Sad things happen, bad things happen, and there's a moral there if you choose to walk away with it. My kids (8 and 6 years old) both loved it, and couldn't stop talking about the scenes they enjoyed most. My parents came with us, and I was curious if my father (NOT the fairy tale type) would like it. I needn't have worried, Dad truly enjoyed it. I can't understand the negative reviews. The pacing was just right, the scenes were dark only when necessary, the animation was first-rate and the story was touching. I suppose in the age of gaudy, eye-blistering graphics this movie is out of place, but I am very pleased that I took the family to see this.
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my fav book

By bunnybookodabear
Written December 01, 2008
omg!!! this book was my favorite. i have read it three and times and still loved it.
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