Cute... :)

By coolcole
Written January 31, 2009
Cute flick. My girls loved it.
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Dazziling and Lovely

By sodapop1
Written January 02, 2009
I don't really need to tell you what The Tale Of Desperaux is about. Same of fairly tale stuff! Overall, I thought this movie was pretty good. A little simple but still, some of those movies still do good. I thought the animation of this movie was dazzling. It has so much high quality! Kids and Adults will enjoy this. But teenagers, not so much! They'll probably fall asleep! But The Tale Of Desperaux is a sweet and charming movie!
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not really for young children

By moviefamily_4
Written December 22, 2008
We took our 2.5 year old thinking it would be a lighthearted tale of courage. Not so much! We thought it would be the best choice since out of all of the holiday children's movies it was rated "G". It was a very dark movie with older themes. (death, violence, etc.)
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By Emperor Fabulous
Written March 15, 2013
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Some scary parts, but MY kids survived - and enjoyed it

By xoxoxox
Written May 08, 2009
Good for kids 6 years & older. Trying to deliver "life lessons" while entertaining, it does OK on both fronts. Our first graders liked it and we were not bored to death either. So, -- good nuf for us!
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