TAKEN ON A THRILLING RIDE!!! RATING: 90 out of 100. (Based on a advance press preview)

Written June 05, 2009
June 4 - I just attended the advance press preview of this remake of 1974 and 1998 movies - based on a 1973 novel by John Godey (aka Morton Freedgood). Tony Scott masterfully directed and Chris Lebenzon expertly edited this 1hr 44min SUSPENSEFUL non-stop action exciting thriller. Screen-written by Brian Helgeland and David Koepp - This movie's plot has been updated from the original novel's story to reflect our current technological advances. The action sequences were well-executed - skillfully presented so as to catch the audience by surprise. Denzel Washington and John Travolta were amazing in their roles as Walter Garber and Bernard Ryder - originally played by Walter Matthau and Robert Shaw respectively in the 1974 movie. It's ALWAYS a pleasure to have such fine actors in fine movie with a above-average script. BRAVO! MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: All the antagonists were shot and killed. Walter shot and killed Ryder in the end. VERDICT: A MUST-SEE - Grade: A
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SEE THIS MOVIE-Starts Fast and never stops

By kmoney51
Written June 11, 2009
Just got back from a screening. Had the unfortunate seat in front of a bunch of teenagers which at first seemed to make for a long evening but once the movie started they were actually quiet the entire film! Never saw the original but this was a well made movie with a star-studded cast that doesn't disappoint. You have to give it up for Travolta who plays a great bad guy in this one and James Gandolfini adds some comic relief as the mayor of the Big Apple. It's different to see Denzel in a position other than the man in charge but he does well, taking orders from all over the place. Both Denzel & Travolta work well together and have great dialogue throughout the film not too mention matching earrings. Having seen some stinkers already this summer this movie was quite a surprise as I didn't hear much about it prior to last week. The movie is a great summer-time thrill ride that's filled with action and quite a bit of foul language but hey, IT"S RATED R for a reason!
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An exciting thriller

By RandytheMovieFan
Written June 11, 2009
Good action, suspense and acting, especially the interplay between John Travolta and Denzel Washington. Director Tony Scott uses a mix of visual styles that will enthrall some while annoying others, perhaps symbolic of his up and down career. Reflective of the original novel but updated for today's headlines and technology, the movie sweeps you along on a satisfying ride.
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really good moive gotta see it

By acemac58
Written June 06, 2009
i saw it june 3 and i really liked it. i'm not a fan of travolta, but i liked his acting. it starts off slow but picks up. didn't know it is a remake till i got to the movie, so i don't know what the original is like, usually remakes aren't that good. anyway the suspense, drama that whole flow is good. taking pot shots at the mayor and him not knowing thing he should. washingtons character being the hero working with the villein to minimize the causalities, an everyday joe doing his job.
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This movie will keep you at the edge of your seat

By bubbaseven
Written June 11, 2009
You must go see it!! It had action/suspense/drama and a few humorous lines. John Travolta really impressed me playing the bad guy and Denzel never seizes to amaze me.
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